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Please tell us about yourself and your company

is an Multiple Award winning, financially free property investor, Mentor, trainer, international speaker and lawyer with a portfolio worth several million pounds all done part time as a single parent.

Since 2008 Bindar has mentored hundreds of people on her strategies and systems to enable them to quit the rat race of a job to enable them to have choices and control to unleash their dreams with the support of passive income from property whether they have money or not.

Bindar also runs and supports a Female Property Network called the “Female Property Alliance”

where the seasoned female property investors and entrepreneurs, beginners and women who are thinking of investing but just does know how and where to begin.

Bindar provides support and guidance as to the best way forward so other women avoid making the mistakes that Bindar made when she first started out.

Bindar in her spare time – she give up her time to provide free legal advice for her Local Advice Centre and the Domestic Violence Units.

In her real spare time –she enjoys spending time with her family and also doing some crazy stuff for various charities including Make a Wish Foundation such as climbing Kilimanjaro, Inca Trail, running the London Marathon.

             From humble beginnings to award winning property millionaire.

Bindar’s  Mission in life is “empower, educate and inspire women to take control of their financial destiny to enable them to impact the next generation.



Is a company that supports and guides people mainly women to control their financial futures through property.
– 1 day workshops
– one to one or group mentoring
– accountability coaching


– Why did you choose such business activity?

Bindar was a passionate successful divorce lawyer and property investing was her hobby, where she was able to park her money. However in 2011 after an unfortunate incident where she almost lost her life she turned her part time hobby into her full time passion.

Helping other women taking control of their financial destiny and avoiding the painful mistakes she had made.


– What was your biggest business challange?  TIME

There is never enough hours in the day, which of course is self inflicted and not saying ”NO”as she wants to help everyone who comes into her life.

How do you share professional duties with the role of mother and mentor for so many people?

Today my daughter who is 26 is self sufficient and is more like a mother and manager to me than the other way round.

However when she was growing up from 1990-2007 it was tough, there was no flexibility in law to work from home, flexi hours or part time. I had to work full time, run a household and care for my daughter and her after school activities.

I also gave alot of my time to my vulnerable family law clients to whom I was very committed and passionate about my vulnerable law clients and the outcome of their cases.

In 2008 I started helping and guiding women in attaining income generating assets and not making the mistakes I had made.


You are successful woman. What features should have a good business woman?

  1. perseverance – never giving up
  2. Admitting when you are wrong – honesty is the best approach and people respect you for this.
  3. Goal-oriented to make their dreams into reality. Having a clear vision of what one wants, whether in the short- or long-term, gives women the drive they need to succeed.
  4. Positive attitude the most successful females in the business world find a way to rise above and evoke a positive attitude in the face of adversity. Being able to see the good side of decisions, projects and results can showcase a person’s confidence. This trait is contagious. Witnessing women who are comfortable in their positions of power encourages others to behave the same way.
  5. Willingness to ask for help It’s difficult to juggle all the responsibilities of being a businesswoman and for many, a mother.
  6. Assertiveness When women are self-assured, their peers will treat them with respect and appreciation.
  7. Desire to teach Businesswomen have the ability to empower their fellow female employees. Mentorship is an important trait of successful women in the workforce. These businesswomen see an opportunity to teach others what they’ve learned throughout the years.

Women face a multitude of obstacles despite these hurdles, female leaders find ways to overcome and prosper.


What is your message for participants of Congress Queens of Life 2?

–  Take Responsibility for your own life.

–  Take action to attain your goals.

–  Ask for help from the right people who have walked the path you wish to walk.


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